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Welcome to the Flippy Frames shop!  Are you a Rainbow Connection fan?  Or in more of a Robotron kind of mood?  You just can't go wrong. 

Click picture for more details and to buy (all prices in CAD).

Flat $5 CAD shipping per Flippy Frame to the US and Canada.  Buy 3 or more and get free shipping!

A portion of all sales go to charitable causes.

Rainbow Connection

SOLD OUT! Get your Flippy Frame fix with a Robotron or Disco before they are gone.

A beautiful big heart with lots of room to create! Shiny and lovely.

Holographic rainbow sequins that flip to iridescent silver sequins.

23.5” (60cm) wide by 25.5” (65cm) high.

19.99 39.99

A geometry lesson and interactive art at the same time?  Bingo.

Royal blue sequins that flip to bright silver sequins.

24.5” (62cm) wide by 22.5” (57cm) tall.

14.99 39.99

The classic wall art shape with tons of room to get creative.

Pink sequins that flip to gold sequins.

23.5” (60cm) wide by 19.5” (50cm) tall.