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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: what are flippy frames?

A: Flippy Frames are large interactive art toys for boys and girls.  The are made with artist-quality frames and reversible sequins in bright colours. 

Q: can you do custom colours or shapes?

A: If you have an event or fundraiser where you would need a larger volume of Flippy Frames, then we can do custom colours and shapes.  Contact us with your details and ideas. 

Q: we'd like to do a school fundraiser with flippy frames.  can you help?

A: Absolutely!  We love being able to be part of raising funds for schools.  Contact us and we can provide you more information about our school fundraiser programs. 


Q : What are the charitable causes you support?

A: Scarlett and Kensington, the inventors of the Flippy Frames, each chose their own cause to support.  Learn more here.

Q: how does shipping work?

A: We ship each Flippy Frame in its own strong box using international couriers.  You will receive a tracking number for your shipment so you can get excited about the upcoming delivery!  Right now we only ship to Canada and the USA.


q: can we become a flippy frames retailer?

A: For sure.  Contact us and let's get it started.


Question not answered?  Ask us!